Off-Page SEO Strategy – Blog VS Forum?

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What is a blog?

Online Personal Journal is sometimes referred to as a blog. A blog is a digital platform where individuals can share their daily/life experiences and express their thoughts often permitting reader to comment.

What is a Forum?

An internet message board where exchange of ideas and thoughts over a particular issue can be done is sometimes known as Forum.

Compare Blog VS Forum for Off-Page SEO

  • Publishing content or posting articles is the key purpose of blogs, not the commenting whereas crafting discussion over specific topics by allowing comments over threads is the key aim.
  • Forum requires participants for discussion whereas blogs are designed for single user input.
  • Blogs are more focused as written and edited by single author whereas forums are unfocused as members contribute with different viewpoints.
  • Forums require registration and login prior commenting whereas mostly you can comment on blogs without registration and login.

Blogs and Forums have importance of their own. Both of them are the key players in off-page SEO. Both of them offers backlinks and drives traffic. Now, many people asks question: Which activity they should emphasize on for their website SEO? Well, it depends on type of website you have. It depends on type of product or services you offer. For example, you have an ecommerce website of Apparels then commenting on niche blogs will be much beneficial to you. And, if you are a web hosting company, then forum participation will be best for you.

Many of forums do not allow signatures whereas many blogs do not accept hyperlinks or HTML. It may also be possible that few blogs and forums provide no-follow links but still supply traffic over to your website. So, it all depends on you which site you select which technique you follow for off-page SEO of you website.

Benefits of Blog Commenting

It helps in building backlinks as well as drives traffic to your website.

Benefit of Forum Discussion

It not only helps you in building backlinks for website but also helps in developing trust in you, thereby making you a brand identity.

Forum Discussion

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