Infographics – A new trend in Internet Marketing

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What are Infographics?

Information Graphics often said as Infographics is a visual or graphical representation of data, knowledge or complex information clearly and quickly. Infographics are more than just good-looking images, they can tremendously increase brand awareness and website traffic. They are perfect for an age of huge statistics. As per Avinash KabraInfographics are visual shorthand to big data”.

The growth of Informational Graphics

Traditionally, email marketing was considered as ideal way of branding and promotion and is still in use. The only difference is that it has taken a u-turn. People got sucked by the long textual emails and started treating them as spam. Infographics have come to industry just about 6 months back. People have now started showing interest in these visual graphics. It was noticed by me when I found tremendous hits on my blog post which was having an infograph.


Reasons to include Infographics in content Marketing Strategy

Attractive and Compelling

Hope you agree with the fact that kids love comics than newspaper. Do you know why? Ask Yourself. People love facts and statistics, just add some compelling graphics and images and you are ready to present addictive content.

Quick visualization and remembrance

Almost 90% of the information which a human brain receives is in visual form and those visuals are even easy to remember as well.

Possess Viral Potency

The probability of getting viral by being shared over social networks is quite high than usual text content.

Global Coverage

With use of online publishing, Infographics could do much more than what a local print media offers.

Boost Brand Identity

Infographics when embedded with company logo and tagline helps in boosting brand identity.

Brings Enormous Traffic

Tempting Infographics drives traffic to website or blog. There are high chances that people share it and thereby significantly bringing traffic.

Thrust to SEO

Being viral in nature, people might link back to your website or blog. Google might prioritize your site in SERPs due to Page Rank Algorithm.

Expert Understanding

Research done for making informational graphics will illustrate your knowledge and expertise about your field.

Have you used or created your Infographics? Have they proven useful and drove traffic to your website? Share your experience…